Full Filled Flow Measurement

Flow metering in wastewater and other dirty media poses some particular challenges for the measurement systems used. NIVUS provide a range of measurement methods and products even for challenging requirements. Thanks to different sensor types optimum results can be achieved even on difficult measurement places. For example, there are flow sensors and flow meters for part filled canals and pipes or full pipelines available which can be installed permanently or temporarily.


Benefits Of NIVUS Flow Measurement Systems

  • Metering methods for a variety of wastewater measurement tasks
  • Detection of various local flow velocities
  • Very accurate results due to scientific models
  • Wide range of sensor constructions
  • Permanent or temporary measurement systems
  • Instruments easy to operate
  • Metering in liquids with varying levels of pollution

Flow Metering in full Pipes and Canals

The flow measurement of water and waste water in full filled applications can be carried out both contactless and with medium contact. NIVUS offers a selection of measurement methods and products, even for demanding requirements. Thanks to different sensors, best possible results can be achieved even at difficult measurement places. We have systems for permanent installation with power connection as well as energy-autonomous solutions with battery operation.


Benefits of the NIVUS Flow Measurement Technology

  • Different measurement technologies for optimum measurement results

  • Detection of different local flow velocities

  • Most accurate results thanks to scientific models

  • Wide range of sensor designs

  • Permanently installed or temporary measurement systems

  • Easy-to-operate devices

  • Easy installation even as retrofit


Flow Measurement Systems For Dirty Media

NIVUS provide a wide range of flow metering systems for different areas of wastewater applications.

Flow Metering in part filled Applications

NIVUS products are used for flow measurement in numerous part filled applications. Main applications are wastewater, hydropower, cooling water, irrigation and surface water bodies.

Flow Metering in full Applications

NIVUS products are used for flow measurement in numerous full filled applications. The main applications are drinking water supply, wastewater treatment plants in the inlet, outlet, in return sludge lines, recirculation lines and drainage lines, irrigation systems and hydropower. 

Flow Sensors

Flow Meter

Possible Applications In Heavily, Medium Or Slightly Polluted

NIVUS products are used in a large number of applications to measure flow in dirty media. Main applications are intakes and discharge areas of wastewater treatment plants, return-sludge conducts, recirculation pipelines and drainage pipelines. Further possible applications are sewer networks, measurement points for billing purposes in the wastewater sector and special wastewater constructions such as overflow structures, pump stations and stormwater overflow basins.

Challenges Of Wastewater Flow Metering

Wastewater and dirty media pose some particular challenges for sensors. Many measuring methods do not provide accurate results once the flow profile is not symmetrical. Very often the flow velocities within canals fluctuate and decrease as they approach the canal walls. In such cases, the average flow velocity must be determined by measuring at several spots and in different filling levels.

Sensors used within the medium must feature a certain robustness since wastewater very often carries along debris and other solids. NIVUS provide comprehensive expert knowledge required to place sensors on the appropriate spots and to choose suitable measurement positions.

Formation of tressing in wastewater is a frequent occurrence. Tressing is caused by building up solids carried along with the water such as fibres or hair on overhangs or edges. Due to the construction and thanks to available accessories the sensor systems can be installed so as to avoid the formation of tressing.

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