Flow Sensors

NOS Screw-in sensor

Part No. NOS-V2X00

for pressurised pipelines

For high accurate flow measurement using the transit time method according to IEC 60041 process water and high pressure lines.

  • Ultrasonic transit time sensor for connection to NivuFlow 600 and NivuFlow 650
  • High accurate monitoring of hydropower plants
  • Resistant sensor material for use in various media
  • Measurement in clear to slightly polluted water
  • Hydropower plant monitoring with highest measurement accuracy  
  • For 8-path measurements according to IEC 60041 (ASME PTC 18
  • Up to 100 m of cable length between sensor and transmitter or adapter box

NOS screw-in sensors are part of a fixed measurement system for continuous flow measurement and storage of the recorded measurement data. They can be used for clean to slightly polluted media.
NOS screw-in sensors are used for flow measurement in full pipes featuring various dimensions.

Readings are detected based on the ultrasonic transit time principle. Creating a standardised measurement network by installing up to 8 measurement paths according to IEC 60041 allows high accurate measurement results.


Typical NOS screw-in sensor applications

  • Fixed measurements in full pipes in hydropower plants, pump stations and similar
  • Irrigation systems
  • Inlets and outlets conducting cooling water or circulation
  • WWTP outlets and many more
  • Industrial flow measurements, process water, pressurised pipelines
  • and many more



Technical Data
Measurement principle

Ultrasonic transit time

Measurement range

±20 m/s

Measurement frequency

1 MHz, 200 kHz and or 500 kHz


IP 68

Operating temperature

-20 °C to +50 °C

Storage temperature

−30 °C to +70 °C

Operating pressure
Cable lengths

Up to 100 m between sensor and transmitter or adapter box

Medium-contacting materials

Rod sensor, Plug sensor, Screw-in sensor: Stainless steel 1.4571, CFK (Carbon), Viton®

Sensor connection
Measurement uncertainty

Flow velocity (v average) within path ± 0.1 % of measurement value

Offset velocity ± 5 mm/s


Zero point drift
Sensor types

Specifications subject to change.


Technical Description "Transit Time Sensors Rev. 05"

Mounting Instruction Rev.04 "Transit Time Sensors"

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