Flow Meter

NivuFlow 650 Flow Meter

Part No. NF6-5

For pipes, open channels and water bodies

Allows high accurate flow measurements using the transit time method according to IEC 60041 for part filled and full pipes, open channels and water bodies. Up to 8 measurement paths.

  • Proven robust ultrasonic transit time technology
  • Adjustable accuracy utilizing up to 32 measurement paths
  • Quick and easy initial start-up
  • Application range from partly-filled pipes to channels and rivers up to 100m width
  • Remote datahandling and maintenance
  • Easy integration into control systems
  • Weatherproof version available
  • Compliant with N ISO 6416 and IEC 60041
  • Full overvoltage protection equipment available 
  • IoT-ready with global 4G connectivity for highest availability and digital services
  • Energy-saving cycle operation for self-sufficient systems


General description

The NivuFlow 650 is compliant with ISO 6416, IEC 60041 as well as ISO 748 and has been developed for accurate flow measurement in open channels, part filled and full pipes and surface water bodies. To meet the highest possible accuracy requirements it is currently possible to utilise the NivuFlow 650 using up to 4 velocity paths, with extension modules up to 32 velocity paths. 
The NivuFlow 650 operates over the full bi-directional flow range without causing obstruction or head loss where the large array of NIVUS transducer models permits flow measurement across the widest possible range of applications.

The compact transmitter design can be easily integrated into instrument cabinets using a DIN rail mounting system and is also available with a field enclosure that provides full protection under harsh environmental operating conditions. The transmitter‘s large graphic display allows quick and easy commissioning of the flow metering system.

The NivuFlow 650 provides extensive diagnostic options and allows in-depth analysis of operational function on site. The system has been developed using future-proof protocols complete with versatile choices for communication and I/O connections that open up a wide range of options for operators to integrate the instruments into SCADA or similar operating systems.


Typical NivuFlow 650 Applications

  • Measurement of surface waters such as rivers, channels and similar
  • Irrigation systems (volume distribution and billing)
  • Drainage systems
  • Hydropower plants (turbine efficiency and turbine optimisation etc.)
  • Inlets and outlets conducting cooling water or circulation systems
  • Penstock monitoring
  • Industrial process waters
    and many more
Technical Data
Number of paths
  • 1 up to 4 measurement paths, up to 32 measurement paths with extention modules
  • 1 up to 2 measurement places

IP 20 (control cabinet), IP 68 (field enclosure)

Power supply

100 - 240 V AC, -15 % / +10 %, 47 to 63 Hz or 10 - 35 V DC

Power consumption

1 relay energised, 230 V AC: (rounded) 14 W up to 8 sensors transit time 1 Mhz / other freq. 200/500 KHz

Housing Material

aluminium, plastic


approx. 1150 g

Operating temperature

DC: −20°C to +70°C

AC: −20°C to +65°C

Storage temperature

−30°C to +80°C

Max. humidity

80%, non-condensing


240 x 320 pixel, 65536 colours


rotary pushbutton, 2 function keys, menus in English, German, French, Swedish ...

  • 2x (Type T2) 4-20 mA, with 12 Bit resolution for storage of data from external units, load 91 Ohm
  • 2x (Type T2) digital input
  • 2x (Type T2) 0/4-20 mA, load 500 Ohm, 12 Bit resolution
  • 1x (Type T2) relay SPDT, load up to 230 V AC/2 A (cos j 0.9), min. switching current 100 mA
  • 1x (Type T2) bistable relay SPDT, load up to 230 V AC/2 A (cos j 0.9), minimum switching current 100 mA
Data memory

1.0 GB internal memory, readout on faceplate via USB stick

Communication/data transmission
  • Modbus TCP via network (LAN/WAN, Internet)
  • Modbus RTU via RS485 or RS232
  • Ethernet TCP/IP

Specifications subject to change.


Technical description data transmission - addition to manual Rev01

NIVUS data transmission for NivuFlow 550, 600, 650, 7550, Energy Saver and NivuParQ 850 - addition to instruction manuals

Technical Instructions "NIVUS Modbus TCP/RTU"

Technical Description "Ex-Separator Module pXT0 - Transit Time"

Declaration of Conformity permanent flow measurement transmitter Nivuflow 6xx

Declaration of Conformity "Permanent flow measurement transmitter with internal modem for remote data transmission Nivuflow 6xx"

NivuFlow 6-..

Declaration of Conformity "Extension Modules NFE-..."

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