Overvoltage Protection

Overvoltage Protection Unit

Part No. BSL0 DP; BSL0 EP; BSL0 SP

efficient protection of instruments and sensors

DataPro, SonicPro and EnerPro surge arrestors – highly stressable and particularly adjusted to sensors and transmitters. Maximum operational safety at small dimensions.

  • Snap-on fastening on DIN rail 
  • Leakage current up to 20.000 A 
  • Failsafe behaviour

DataPro 2x1 and SonicPro 3x1 surge arrestors

DataPro 2x1 and Sonic Pro 3x1 surge arrestors are for safe and durable protection of sensitive electronic components at the end of data, measurement and control lines conducting 12 / 24 V DC to protect sensors and transmitters.

The surge arrestors are capable of effectively protecting sensors and transmitters from effects caused by overvoltage.

EnerPro surge arrestors for power supply

EnerPro 1-24 Tr is a surge arrestor for 24 V DC power supply and serves as protection of electrical equipment earthed on one side with a power consumption of up to 6 A.

EnerPro 220 Tr serves as protection of electrical equipment earthed on one side featuring 230 V AC power supply with a maximum power consumption of 16 A.

Both units are identical and can be snapped onto DIN rails without any problems.

The surge arrestors contain a two-stage protective circuit. Coarse protection is implemented using a gas-filled surge arrestor, the fine protection stage exclusively consists of filter and suppressor diodes. There is no significant leakage current since no varistors are used. This eliminates the need for remote monitoring or regular inspections.

High performance and durability (20 kA leakage current) guarantee long lifetimes and high operational safety of the surge arrestors.

Thanks to failsafe diodes the lightning protection units do not need to be checked regularly. In case of error the diodes will form a short-circuit .

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