Flow Measurement

Accurate Flow Measurement For All Applications

As one of the foremost companies in the sector of flow measurements, NIVUS provides a wide range of products, sensors and measurement methods. For diverse applications, there are suitable measurement systems featuring different measurement principles based on ultrasound, radar or hydraulic measurement methods available.

The flow meters can be used for measurements in water or wastewater and carry out each measurement task reliably. Thanks to thorough expert knowledge, NIVUS provides the best possible solutions – even for challenging measurement sites.


Benefits Of NIVUS Flowmeter Systems

  • Appropriate flow meters for each measuring task
  • Solutions for clean and dirty media
  • Highly accurate and reliable flow measurements
  • Wide range of flow sensors and flow technologies
  • Various sensor constructions for optimum results
  • Easy-to-operate instruments
  • Quick installation of systems
  • Comprehensive know-how of different measuring technologies


Suitable Products For Flow Measurement For Different Applications

NIVUS provide a wide range of products for flow measurement in water and wastewater.

Choosing The Right Flow Meter

In order to choose the suitable flow instrument, it is necessary to consider the medium properties, the desired measurement accuracy, the conditions prevailing on the measurement site and parameters such as pressure, temperature, flow rate or level of pollution. Measurement systems utilising the patented cross correlation technology, for example, are suitable for flow measurement in slight to heavily polluted water and wastewater providing very high accuracy. Measurement systems based on transit time/time of flight, however, are best for use with clean water.

The filling level of canals, conducts or pipes is another criterion for the choice of the suitable meter. Moreover, some applications require permanently installed systems while others require the use of mobile and battery-powered instruments.

If accuracy requirements are on an average level e.g. Doppler systems are an appropriate measurement solution. Radar measurement systems operate contactless in open canals or part filled pipelines. Hydrostatic measurement systems use hydraulic structures and level measurements to determine the flow rate.

The Various Areas Of Use Of The NIVUS Flow Meters

NIVUS products are applicable everywhere where flow rates of water, wastewater or other liquid media need to be measured. Based on the acquired readings, it is possible to control processes or to create billings. The main areas of use are wastewater treatment plants, sewer networks, pump stations and special constructions in the wastewater sector such as stormwater overflow tanks. More areas of application can be found in potable water supply, industrial applications, hydropower plants, cooling water circuits of power plants or in the fields of hydrology and surface water measurements.

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