NivuLink ControlNew

Part No. NLC0

Gateway Measurement and Control Tasks

Reliable and safe Telecontrol including PLC-Function for Measurement and Control Tasks


NivuLink Control

Reliable and safe Telecontrol including PLC-Function for Measurement and Control Tasks

  • Control function for telecontrol systems
  • Signal inputs via WAGO I/O modules
  • 4G/LTE , Ethernet
  • Programmable application-oriented calculation functions
  • Adjustable cycles for measurement and transmission
  • Alarm and trigger functions
  • Built-in readings memory, extendable by SD card
  • Continuous data availability
  • Real time can be synchronised via server
  • Minimum data transmission volumes
  • Maintenance-free


NivuLink Control provides a compact PLC control system featuring versatile communication options. The variety of interfaces permits communication with adjacent machines or control units and devices. Both digital and analog outputs as well as bus technology can be used to control actuators.

The device can be programmed with a local program sequence to execute complex calculation and control tasks.
In addition to network and fieldbus interfaces, digital and analog terminal clamps as well as WAGO series 750/753 special clamps are supported. Depending on the version data transmission is carried out via mobile phone network and/or Ethernet interface.

Both ETHERNET interfaces and the integrated switch enable line topology wiring. An integrated web server provides the user with configuration options and status information on the NivuLink Control.

Integrated security services such as OVPN / IPsec / TLS ensure Internet security. Applying programming software such as e!Cockpit allows for remote diagnostics.



Typische Anwendungen neben der Prozessindustrie und der Gebäudeautomatisierung liegen im Bereich der Wasserwirtschaft.

Typical applications apart from process industriy and facility automation can be found in the water industry sector.

  • Stormwater treatment plants
  • Channel networks
  • Pump stations
  • Groundwater measurement sites
  • Flood level
  • Silo filling
  • Weir measurements
  • and many more
Technical Information
Program/data memory

80 Mbyte (dynamically distributed)

Memory Configuration e!RUNTIME

Input current

max 550 mA (24 V)


GSM quad band Ethernet

Remanent memory (Retain)

128 kbyte

Potential isolation

500 V system/supply

Power supply

DC 24 V (-25 % ... +30 %)

Diagnostic LEDs

Power; SYS; RUN; FIELDBUS (MS, NS); OVPN Status (U7); terminal bus; mobile network service; field strength

I/O Interfaces (serial)

1 x serial interface according to TIA/EIA 232 and TIA/EIA 485 (switchable), 9-pole Sub-D socket

Input and output process image terminal bus / MODBUS

max. 1000 words;

No. of bus terminals

64 (per node), 250 with bus extension

Specifications subject to change.


Brochure NivuLink Control

Brochure NivuLink Control

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