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NivuDat 32

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Measuring Data Import to NivuSoft

Software for output of measurement data as graphs or tables


Besides data evaluation capabilities by utilising standard spreadsheet applications, the Windows XP / 2000 evaluation software NivuDat V 2.1 allows to easily and quickly create tables and graphs on measurement data. Additional editing options, such as sequential data export, averaging, output of min. and max. values, administration of measurement places and many more, complete the software.

Functions related to statistic protocols

  • processing of statistic protocols as well as addition and subtraction of any statistic protocol
  • discrete statistic values can be edited individually
  • statistic protocols can be exported to ASCII-Format
  • NIVUS statistic protocols can be imported into almost any spreadsheet and word processing application.

Creation of year and month protocols by using raw data. Year a month protocols can be generated later by means of discrete events.

Creation of hour, day and month statistics from raw data. Month, day and hour protocols can also be generated from discrete readings.

Detection and removal of gaps in the progression of readings.

Gaps in the progression of measurement values are detected automatically and will be filled up with measurement data of your choice.


Easy copying of measurement places

Grouping of measurement places

The progression of readings can be indicated as smoothened or unsmoothed curves.

Data transmission via modem, direct connection or memory card.

It is possible to directly import measurement data from NivuDat to NivuSoft. This, however, requires to install the new NivuDat32 software in advance.


System Requirements

Please make sure to have administrative rights in order to install NivuDat 32.

The software requires Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 as operating system.


Software NivuDat 32

It is possible to directly import measurement data from NivuDat to NivuSoft. However the new NivuDat32 needs to be installed first.

Manual NivuDat Data Export

Explanation of data export from NivuDat to NivuSoft

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