Particle Concentration (TSS)

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Measure easily

The particle concentration (TSS equivalent) can now be easily measured. We use ultrasound to measure the concentration as well as the distribution of particles in the water. Simply install the sensor in the channel, set up the measurement point via the intuitive operating concept and off you go. No more time-consuming sampling is required. So that you can also measure in potentially explosive areas, we have had our measuring system certified for Ex Zone 1. Our system is easy to set up and easy to operate. Try it out.
•    Easy installation as well as quick and easy operation
•    Very low operating costs, as no time-consuming sampling with laboratory analysis is required
•    Approval of the measuring system for use in potentially explosive environments


Measure maintenance-free

We place less emphasis on appearance and more on performance. That's why we have designed our measuring system in such a way that you obtain reliable measurement results without having to invest in maintenance. This is ensured by the flow-optimised sensor design without dirt-prone measurement windows. You also need only a small investment for the measuring point installation, as no structural changes such as bypasses, culverts or the installation of compressors are necessary. This leaves you more time for more important tasks.
•    Low-maintenance and reliable measurement system
•    Low investment costs for the measurement place installation


Measure continuously

With the NivuParQ 850 you can record measurement values online and thus obtain continuous information about your measurement place at any time of the year. The measurement system works with multi-frequency echo on an ultrasonic basis. It continuously records the concentration of solids and the particle distribution in 5 different size classes in the water - no other measuring system can do this! In addition to the particle distribution, you also receive continuous information about the media temperature and the filling level. This means you know more about your application!
•    Continuous measurement of the particle concentration (TSS equivalent) by using a novel ultrasonic measurement method with multi-frequency echo
•    Determination of 5 particle size classes including the fine fraction < 63 µm
•    Additional measurement parameters through integrated temperature and level measurement




Until now, it was not possible to record the TSS concentration online that easy and with little effort. Use the new possibility to continuously monitor your processes. For example, you can use NivuParQ 850 to analyse the actual retention effect of rainwater treatment plants. You can also control sewer networks in real time on the basis of TSS measurement data. There are many more applications where the detection of filterable substances can contribute to improving water quality.
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