Flow Measurement using Radar

Flow Measurement using Radar

Radar Measurement

  • For all liquid media
  • Contactless
  • Measures the surface velocity


Measurement Method

Average flow velocity and flow cross section are required to determine the flow Q. This leads to the general formula:

Q = v (average) • A

The flow cross section A is determined by continuously measuring the filling level taking the channel shape as well as the channel dimensions into account.
The flow velocity is determined by measuring the surface velocity.


Your Benefits

  • Easy installation, no shutdown of processes
  • Low maintenance
  • Use with aggressive or abrasive media
  • Ideal for use with shooting discharge and low flow levels


Flow Velocity Measurement (v) using Radar Technology

Radar measures flow by determining the velocities on the water surface. The surface velocities are determined by detecting Radar signals reflected from surface waves. The reflections are evaluated using the known Doppler principle. Utilising additional level measurement and by taking the known channel shape into account it is possible to accurately calculate the flow rate.

Function Principle of Flow Measurement with Radar Technology

Level Measurement (h)

Accurate flow measurement requires precise and reliable determination of levels under all hydraulic conditions which is achieved by using 20 mA level sensors. For such cases contactless ultrasonic „i-Series“ sen­sors are used.

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