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Mobile measurement system for discharge measurement in watercourses, such as rivers, streams and canals.

The NivuFlow Stick is a mobile measurement system for discharge measurement in watercourses, such as rivers, streams and canals.

  • Complete detection of the profile
  • Discharge calculation method according to 
  • ISO 748:2021: Mean-Section, Mid-Section method 
  • Integrated hydrostatic level measurement
  • Fully automatic calculation of the discharge volume
  • WLAN Communication
  • Browser-based operation via smartphone/tablet/laptop
  • No additional software required
  • Memory for 1400 discharge measurements
  • Note field with 300 characters
  • Self-diagnosis of sensors & measurement quality

NivuFlow Stick enables reliable and convenient discharge measurements in rivers, streams and canals.

The compact system can be easily transported in any car and is ready for use within seconds. Convenient operation via smartphone or tablet makes measurements simple and intuitive. With a short briefing, even users who have never worked with this device before can immediately perform errorfree and reliable measurements. The system contains no wearing parts and is maintenance-free. All components are weight-optimised and compactly attached to the holding rod, which makes handling in the water effortless and safe.
The stored data can be read out directly on site via WLAN. Previous measurements can be loaded and visualised. Deviations in the measurement quality are signalled by the system and the quality indication is always stored in the data. The system is unique worldwide in the simplicity of its operation and the speed with which a measurement can be carried out.

Measuring Principle

The flow velocity is measured by the ultrasonic cross correlation measurement principle. Thanks to this technology, the sensor can measure velocities at different water depths with high resolution. This brings a great advantage in terms of measuring time as well as a more accurate determination of the flow velocity curve. Our cross correlation sensors are equipped with a pressure measurement cell for reliable level measurement.

Scatterers (particles, minerals or gas inclusions) present in the medium are scanned with ultrasonic impulses and stored as an echo pattern. Further scans take place in the millisecond range.
The position of the particles is determined via the transit time of the ultrasound. A comparison of the time-delayed signals allows the flow velocity to be calculated. This results in a profile of the flow velocities from the bottom to the surface.

NivuFlow Stick works very precisely and uses the ultrasonic cross-correlation measuring principle. You can find it in the Know-How area

From critical tester to enthusiastic user:

"Device is very easy and intuitive to use, quick reliable measurement“


  • Environmental authorities,
  • Universities,
  • Water protection authorities


... and soon you too?

Assembly of the 3P-Pole

Accessory for measurement in water depths up to 100 cm

Product Presentation at IFAT

Technical Information


Technical Datas
Depth measurement

Measurement range (pressure cell): 0...5 m

Temperature measurement

Resolution 0.01°C, accuracy 0.1°C

Velocity range

 < 0.5 % of full scale

Acoustic frequency

1MHz – 3MHz

Minimum water depth for accurate velocity measurement

Min. 30 mm above sensor

Max. immersion depth: up to 100 cm with special accessory

Temperature measurement

Resolution 0.01°C, accuracy 0.1°C

Data memory

1400 discharge measurements

Data transmission

Download via WLAN

Operating temperature


Storage temperature


Power supply

8xAA standard or rechargeable batteries


12h permanent use (for operation with 2650 mAh batteries)

Protection Enclosure


Protection sensor


Measurement principle

• Ultrasonic cross correlation (flow velocity)

• Hydrostatic (depth measurement)

Specifications subject to change.


Brochure NivuFlow Stick

Mobile Measuring System for Discharge Measurement in Flowing Waters

Instruction Manual Rev. 02 "NivuFlow Stick - Mobile Flow Measurement System"

Konformitätserklärung "Portabler Durchflussmessumformer NivuFlow Stick"

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