Electrode Relay

ER-142 / 143 Electrode relay

Part No. KSE0 ER 142; KSE0 ER 143

For level switch

For limit level detection of conductive liquids as well as control of conductive liquids in Ex areas, for connection of conductive rod and suspension electrodes

  • Ex-ia version, Zone 0
  • Optical alarm and operation status indication
  • Potential-free output as SPDT

The electrode relays ER-142 and ER-143 are designed for our conductive probes which are installed in areas with explosive atmospheres.

The areas of use cover all sectors where liquid and conductive media are to be detected or controlled. Limit value measurements (overflow, dry run, max. alarm) as well as min./max. control and pump control (hysteresis) can be implemented.

The electrode relays here are used as an interface between Ex- and "Non-Ex" area. The units however are not allowed to be operated in  Ex-areas. Safe isolati-on is tested and certified by the PTB (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesan-stalt).The devices can also be used as contact protection relays if e.g. pickups only al-low low contact loads but on the other hand higher loads have to be switched.

The electrode relays ER-142 and ER-143 basically consist of the four functional components power supply, intrinsical unit, potential free output and the measurement and evaluation electronics. The ER-142's potential free output consists of one SPDT, the ER-143's output of two SPDTs (simultaneously operated).

The relays represent a complete functional unit for capture and control purposes of levels in combination with our rod and suspension electrodes which are available in a large variety of types for many various applications.

It is possible to use the ER-142 and ER-143 electrode relays as a contact protection relay by combining it with our rod / suspension electrodes or "signal pickups" (e.g. pressure bell, float switch).

Technical Data

- ER-142 output contacts: 1 potential-free SPDT

- ER-143 output contacts: 2 potential-free SPDTs (simultaneously operated)

- Switching voltage: max. 250 V AC / max. 150 V DC

- Switching current: max. 5 A AC / max. 5 A DC

- Switching capacity: max. 50 W / max. 100 VA



- Intrinsically safe

- Open circuit voltage: <12.6 V

- Short circuit current: <10 mA

- Permissible outer inductivity*: <300 mH, <1000 mH

- Permissible outer capacity*: <1.15 F, <7.4 F

- Sensitivity: (2..30/3..300) kOhm

- on request: 0,2...3 or 8...800 kOhm

- Switching delay: approx. 0.5 s energised/de-energised, others on request


* The outer capacity and the outer inductivity may only be used through line reactances.


Storage temperature

-30 °C to +80 °C

Operating temperature

-25 °C to +60 °C


II (1) G [Ex ia] IIC / ATEX 1836, Zone 0


- Weight: ca. 250 g

Power consumption

<2 VA

Power supply

230 V AC ±10 %, 48...62 Hz

24 V DC ±10 %


Specifications subject to change.


Declaration of Conformity "Ex Electrode Relay"

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