Yesterday and today

Yesterday and today

Searching for the best possible measurement systems right from the start

When Udo Steppe established his company in 1967, no one could have imagined the face of the world a few decades later. Searching for the best possible solution has always been the key impetus of Udo Steppe and his team right from the start. By now we can look back to a couple of milestones we have set in the world of level measurement and flow measurement. 

None of our successful past and our international growth, however, have changed our ambition to provide the best possible measurement systems. Quite the opposite, it is what we achieved in the past that spurs us most for the future. Even today we spare no effort to provide the best technology for the future. You can count on it.


Extension of the company building for research, service department and training


Introduction of a new innovation team


2015 New web-based process control system NICOS 2.0 with remote data transmission


Development of contactless Radar flow measurement


Development of the hydrophone test rig in cooperation with the University of Ulm. This test rig for the first time allows a realistic visualisation of ultrasonic waves.


Foundation of NIVUS Korea


Foundation of NIVUS Middle East in the United Arab Emirates



Introduction of GPRS technology for wireless data transmission in Ex areas

Expansion of the management team: Ingrid Steppe, Udo Steppe and Marcus Fischer manage the company.


Introduction of ultrasonic measurement systems for full pipelines as sustainable alternative to EMFs


Introduction of a further development of ultrasonic transit time method (time of flight) using signal correlation by audio signature


Opening of NIVUS U.K. 

Extension of the parent company building. Development and construction of the 10m hydraulic test rig.


NIVUS  introduce the patented ultrasonic cross correlation technology. For the first time it is possible to create flow profiles featuring a spatial allocation within a range of millimetres.


Foundation of the subsidiary in France


Opening of NIVUS Poland. 

Development of a process control system for water industry NICOS


Foundation of a subsidiary in Austria


Move to the new company building with large seminar and training rooms.


Foundation of the subsidiary NIVUS AG in Switzerland


Development of data acquisition system for stormwater treatment plants


Development and introduction of the first microprocessor-driven level measurement device to the German market


Incorporation of NIVUS GmbH


First developments of flow measurement based on the ultrasonic Doppler principle


Pioneering work by Udo Steppe in the field of ultrasonic measurements. Introduction of ultrasonic technology for industrial level measurement applications.


Udo Steppe founds the company

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