NivuFlow 750 awarded MCERTS certification

Field trials which form a part of the testing process were conducted at WWTP of Eppingen, Germany.

The NivuFlow 750 including the Correlation Sensor is intended to be used for continuous flow measurement in slight to heavy polluted media with various compositions. The flowmeter can be operated in partly filled and full channels and pipes with various shapes and dimensions. It is a stationary measurement system for flow measurement and storage of the measurement data.

Through its brand new algorithms, the NivuFlow NF750 transmitter in conjunction with their POA Wedge, OCL and i-series sensors achieves a combined performance of around 3% which corresponds to the most accurate Area Velocity flowmeter on the market.

The flowmeter simultaneously determines the velocity and level at a common measurement point. A piezo crystal with a certain installation angle towards the flow direction operates as a flow velocity sensor. All the particles in the measurement path (air, dirt, suspended solids) reflect a part of the emitted ultrasonic signal pulse. This echo is received by the piezo crystal again and converted to electric signals. After a certain period the echoes of a second pulse are measured too. By correlation these echo the velocity simultaneously at different gates can be determined. With these set of velocities an extensive flow profile can be determined. Associated to the cross section, the discharge is evaluated.



Press Release: Nivuflow NF750 awarded MCERTS certification

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