Severn Trent Water and NIVUS win CIWEM Award 2014

NIVUS wins CIWEM-Award

In close cooperation with Severn Trent Water and Morrison Utility Service, NIVUS was awarded winner in the CIWEM West Midlands and IOW Innovations Showcase. The winning flow measurement system is based on ultrasonic time of flight measurement principal provides very high accuracy at very low cost featuring a significant reduction in the carbon footprint. To prove the system accuracy NIVUS agreed to go head to head with mag meters and have undergone an independent and comprehensive instrumentation evaluation programme at the national test rig in Scotland. In both normal and challenging flow conditions the pipe sensor solution gave proof of being right as accurate as an electro mag.

On the cost side the pipe sensor solution scores highly with installation costs at a fraction of that of a mag meter. Especially in retrofitting the ultrasonic concepts convinces due to the possible implementation without shutting down the flow. Keiron Maher from Severn Trent Water: “This technology will increase the efficiency of how we measure the flow in our large diameter water mains”

In terms of sustainability the ultrasonic pipe sensors come with a low carbon footprint. Compared to mag meters they require only a fraction of the raw materials as well as logistic efforts especially in large diameters, since the same sensors can be used for all pipe diameters within the range of DN 200 and DN 12,000. 

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