Flow Sensors

OFR Radar sensor

Part No. OFR-

OFR Radar – contactless flow measurement

Suitable for applications featuring high velocities and low levels.

  • Contactless flow velocity measurement with radar technology
  • Installation without interrupting processes
  • Ex-Approval zone 1 optional
  • Determination of surface velocity
  • Low maintenance through contactless radar sensor
  • Easy installation and operation
  • For use in aggressive / abrasive media
  • For measurement places with high pollution loads and sedimentation
  • For shooting discharge and low flow level
  • Improved accuracy in combination with bottom-mounted ultrasonic velocity sensors

    By developing the OFR radar sensor in combination with our previous product range we are capable of providing the best possible measurement solution to detect any kinds of flow in each application.
    Whether for measurement places with highest accuracy requirements or for applications with difficult media – we provide easy-to-install measurement systems achieving optimum results.
    The unique combination of radar measurement and ultrasonic measurement provides previously unprecedented accuracy covering the entire measurement range.


Measurement principle Radar doppler flow velocity detection
Measurement range 0,15 m/s - 15 m/s
Temperature range -30 °C to 70 °C
Ex-Type: -20 °C to 60 °C
Frequency response 24 GHz - ISM band
Distance 0,3 m - 10 m
Protection IP 68
Enclosure material: High-performance composites
Ex-Approval II 2 G Ex ib IIB T4 Gb; TÜV 16 ATEX 185271X;
IECEx 16.0034X

Specifications subject to change.

Data Sheet OFR Radar

Unique combination of flow velocity profile measurement on and below the water surface.

Technical and Installation Instruction for OFR Radar sensor

Non contact flow velocity measurement on the water surface.

EU-Type Examination Certificate OFR

EU-Type Examination Certificate for OFR radar flow sensor

Declaration of Conformity OFR Radar


OFR IECEx-Certificate of Conformity

Declaration of Conformity OFR Ex

IECEx Certificate of Conformity "Radar sensor type OFR-Ev0 and OFR-EVG"

EU-Type Examination Certificate "Surface radar sensors type OFR-EV0 and OFR-EVG"

Declaration of Conformity "Surface Radar OFR-H00-xxx..."

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