The range of our new products comprises ultrasonic flow measurement, level and temperature measurement as well as special data loggers and SCADA systems.

portable flow meter NivuFlow Mobile 600

NivuFlow Mobile 600

Robust portable flow meter for long-term monitoring of full pipes...
Flow meter NivuFlow 650

NivuFlow 650 Flow Meter

For pipes, open channels and water bodies
Allows high accurate flow measurements using the transit time method according to IEC 60041 for part... filled and full pipes, open channels and water bodies. Up to 8 measurement paths.
NivuFlow Extension Module

NivuFlow Extension Module

for NivuFlow 600 and 650
NivuFlow Extension Module for flow measurements with up to 32 paths...

NivuFlow 550

Radar Flow Meter
Contactless flow measurement for open channels and part filled pipes...

NivuFlow 7550

Hybrid Flow Measurement with Surface Radar and Ultrasonic Profile Scanner
Flow measurement for open channels as well as part filled pipes. Optimum results through combinatio...n of ultrasonic cross correlation and radar technology.

NIVUS provide products in the areas of flow and level measurement, SCADA and telecontrol as well as for water qualitys analytics. Thanks to many years of experience in the field of flow and level measurement systems we constantly develop our products further and hence provide ebenfalls a wide range of new products. This is why we have the right solution for each application. Apart from flow meters featuring integrated hydraulic discharge models for portable and non-portable use we develop measurement systems, which can be installed quick and easy. We systematically extend our product portfolio and so we directly take your individual needs into account.

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