Effective Operation with the NIVUS WebPortal

The tutorial videos help you with hints and assistance for the daily use of the NIVUS WebPortal. How to use the Hydrograph module or how to configure a measuring point? How to place a device into another measuring point or how to create a new project? This and even more will be explained in our NIVUS WebPortal tutorials. 



Project Configuration

Create new project

Project log in

Adding a new user to your project (Admin)

Adding new device to a project

Create additional project

Move device to another project

Measuring Point

Create new measuring point (Admin)

Measuring Point Configuration

Detach the device from a measuring point and link it to a new measuring point

General Configuration



Multi measurement place hydrograph module

Data export

Alarms (Messagebook)

Create and using campaign

Help & Support

Forgot password

Quick Support

Remote Access


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