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NivuFlow Mobile 600New

Part No. NFM-0600

Robust portable flow meter for long-term monitoring of full pipes

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The NivuFlow Mobile 600 was developed particularly for long-term measurements in field operation without external power supply.  

Measurements for checking and verifying can be carried out with the self-sufficient and portable system without any problems even in harsh environments.

Battery lifetimes of several weeks or even months reduce personnel costs for maintenance and data readout significantly.


Your Benefits

  • Monitoring of flow, temperature and pressure
  • Ultrasonic transit time measurement
  • Extremely long battery life
  • Rechargeable battery can be replaced by user
  • Operation via Smartphone, Tablet, Notebook
  • For extreme environmental conditions
  • Up to 2 measurement paths


Typical Applications:

  • Leakage detection
  • Pump verification
  • Analysis of users behaviour in water supplies
  • Intakes and outlets conducting cooling water or circulation systems
  • Monitoring of process water and service water
  • Heat quantity measurement


Transit Time – how the NivuFlow Mobile 600 measures

The NivuFlow Mobile 600 measurement principle is based on the detection of the transit time of ultrasonic signals between two sensors  (A and B).


Here, the signal run time in flow direction t1 is shorter than the signal run time towards the flow direction t2. The difference between both run times is proportional to the average flow velocity along the measurement path vm. The NivuFlow Mobile 600 computes the average flow velocity vA from the measured path velocities vm.
The flow within the full pipe is calculated by utilising the general continuity equation:


Easy and convenient operation

The operation of the measurement system is password-protected by using a web browser installed on units such as smartphones, tablets or notebooks. Additional software or special apps are not required.
Since the transmitter can be used without the need to open the enclosure it is possible to operate the unit comfortably even under poor conditions or in bad weather. The connection to the unit is set up via WLAN.


Contactless or in the Medium

The transit time method based on ultrasound permits reliable and accurate measurements in clean to slightly polluted media.

A wide selection of clamp-on sen­sors and wedge sensors as well as special pipe sensors is available. The system automatically detA key feature of the clamp-on sensors is the very quick installation since the sensors are installed on the outside of the pipe due the contactless measure­ment principle. Perfectly matched mounting accessories also enable the quick and easy installation of the medium-contacting sensors.
By connecting extra sensors it is possible to additionally measure process parameters such as pressure and temperature at the same time.


Your Benefits:

  • Contactless or measurement within the medium
  • Sensors are absolutely zero point stable and drift-free
  • Low installation efforts due to perfectly matched mounting accessories
  • Installation under process conditions
  • Various sensor types guarantee the best solution for each application
  • Stable signal transmission over long distances


Tough Performer

The high protection degree of sensors and transmitters (IP68) permits use even under the harshest conditions. Even with its lid open the transmitter features IP 67 protection. The rechargeable batteries can be replaced also in wet environments such as during heavy rain.


Sophisticated Power Management

The NivuFlow Mobile 600 is designed for long-term operation and easiest  handling. Equipped with two rechargeable battery packs the transmitter features a very long service life including simultaneous sensor power supply.
The rechargeable battery packs can be replaced by the user quick and easy on site to operate long-term measurements.

  • Up to 1 year of battery life with 5 minutes measurement interval
  • NivuFlow can be used also as permanent measurement using a mains battery charger


On Site from Anywhere

The measurement data can be transmitted via mobile phone network if necessary. The readings are transmitted to a web portal and can be then called up from anywhere in the world.

  • Unlimited access to your measurement data via Internet
  • Free adjustable measurement and transmission cycles
  • Lower personnel requirements for data readout
Measurement principle Ultrasonic transit time (time of flight)
Power supply • 2 x rechargeable battery 12V/15 Ah, lead gel
• Charger 100 - 240 V AC / 50 .. 60 Hz / 50 VA
Operating temperature - 20°C … + 50°C
Storage temperature - 20°C … + 70°C
Max. humidity 90 %, non condensing
Display Status LED (RGB)
Operation Solenoid switch, via WLAN using Smartphone, Tablet, Notebook…
Number of paths 2
Inputs • 2 x 0/4 - 20 mA (active/passive)
• 1 x 0/4 -20 mA (passive)
• 1 x active digital input
• 1 x connection socket for power adapter or alternative power supply
Outputs • 1 x analog output 0 - 10 V
• 1 x potential-free digital output as SPDT / bistable
• 1 x USB for value readout via USB stick
Storage cycle 1 - 60 minutes, time-cyclic or event-based
Data memory Internal memory, capacity 1.5 years with measurement interval of 5 minutes
Data transmission • USB stick

Specifications subject to change.

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