Flow Meter

OCM F Flow Meter

Part No. OCF-0

for flow measurement based on the Doppler principle

For ultrasonic flow measurement of slight to heavily polluted media in part filled an full pipes and channels. Complete measurement system in connection with KDA sensors

  • Reasonable purchase costs
  • Reliable, with more than 30 years of product experience
  • Easy mounting without additional constructions
  • Integrated 3-step controller
  • Measurement in heavily polluted and abrasive media

General Description

The OCM F flow metering system utilises a fully bidirectional ultrasonic velocity sensor.

The intelligent Doppler sensor detects and directly evaluates the flow velocity. Other than with mag meters, this method has an absolutely stable zero point. Moreover, the dynamic measurement range for minimum level and flow is very high. Level measurement can be carried out either by a sensor-integrated pressure cell or by using an external sensor.

Operation / Programming

Thanks to the intuitive user interface it is very easy to set up the OCM F for the requirements of various applications. Additional input devices like Computers etc. are not needed. Programmed settings are indicated clearly.

Measurement principle

The measurement principle is based on the classic Doppler method where an ultrasonic signal with a defined frequency is transmitted into a liquid at a known angle. A portion of the ultrasound energy is reflected by the solid particles or gas bubbles carried with the liquid. Due to the movement of the particles a frequency distortion occurs which is direct proportional to the particle velocity. The flow velocity can be determined from this frequency shift subsequently. From the flow profile and the multitude of reflecting particles a frequency spectrum results. This spectrum, suitable for hydraulic assessment of measurement places, can be indicated on the OCM F display. The newly developed intelligent Doppler sensor directly detects and evaluates the flow velocity.


The internal memory enables storage of medium velocity information as well as temperature and flow data. With the frontside USB socket measurement data as well as settings can be read out. The free NivuSoft measurement data software enables easy visualisation of readings.

Typical OCM F applications

  • Wastewater treatment plats: intake and discharge also for aeration tank, sedimation tank and recirculation
  • Permanent measurements on storm water basin and storm water retention basin
  • Flow measurements in channel networks
  • Industrial wastewater networks
  • and many more








Technical Data
Power supply

100 to 240 V AC, +10 %/ -15 %, 47 to 63 Hz

or 24 V DC +/- 15%, 5% residual ripple


Power consumption

AC: 7 VA typical, DC: 6 W typical


-Material: Polycarbonate

-Weight: ca. 1200 g

-Protection: IP 65

-Installation: wall or DIN rail mounting



II (2)G [Ex ib Gb] IIB

Operating temperature

-20 °C to +60 °C / with Ex: -20 °C to +40 °C

Storage temperature

-30 °C to +70 °C

Max. humidity

90 %, non-condensing


6 keys, menus in German, English, French and Polish


-1 x 4 - 20 mA for external level (2-wire probe)

-2 x 0/4 - 20 mA with 12 bit resolution for external level and external setpoint

-4 x digital input

-1 active compact Doppler sensor Type KDA connectable



-3 x 0/4 – 20 mA, load 500 Ohm, 12 bit resolution,

accuracy 0.1 % (after calibration)

-5 relay (SPDT), max. load 230 V AC / 2 A (cos. 0.9



3-step controller, quick close function, adjustable slide valve position in case of error

Specifications subject to change.


Brochure OCM F

Flow Meter for part filled and full Pipes, Channels and Flumes

Instruction Manual OCM F and OCM FR

Declaration of Conformity OCM F / OCM FR / NFP

Durchflussmessumformer stationär

OCF-00 | OCF-R0 | NFP-0

Declaration of Conformity "Ex Permanent flow measurement transmitter OCM F / OCM FR / NFP

"Ex" Durchflussmessumformer stationär

OCF-02 | OCF-R2 | NFP-2

EU-Type Examination Certificate OCM F and NFP

"Ex" Flowmeter

OCF-02 | OCF-R2 | NFP-2

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