Flow Metering for Hydrology

Our products have been used for over 50 years in the field of flow measurement in surface waters. Our many years of experience enable us to recognise hydraulic requirements and challenges at measurement places and to set up the measuring points accordingly. Due to our range of different measurement technologies in combination with sensors in various designs and numerous mounting solutions, we offer you the best possible measurement system for every measurement place.


  • Many years of experience in the field of surface water, open channels and measuring in rivers
  • Optimal solutions for each measurement place thanks to various measurement technologies and a wide range of sensors
  • Permanent and mobile measurement systems
  • Consistent data transmission concept
  • Self-sufficient operation through measurement systems with solar or fuel cell supply

Mobile Measurement System for Discharge Measurement in Flowing Waters

NivuFlow Stick allows for quick and reliable flow metering in rivers, streams and channels.

The flow velocity is measured by the ultrasonic cross-correlation measurement principle. Thanks to this technology, the sensor
records velocities at different water depths with high resolution. This minimises the effort to only one measurement per
measurement vertical and still enables a highly accurate determination of the flow velocity curve.

The integrated water level
measurement simultaneously records the profile and calculates and displays the flow value directly at the measurement point.
The total flow rate is output directly after measuring the last section.

You can find more information about the NivuFlow Stick here.


  • Only one measurement per measurement vertical
  • Complete detection of the flow profile
  • Measurements from a water level of 55 mm
  • Discharge calculation method according to ISO 748:2021
  • Integrated hydrostatic water level measurement
  • Visual indication of the flow velocity profile for plausibility verification already during the measurement
  • Fully automatic calculation of the discharge volume
  • Self-diagnostics of sensor and measurement quality
  • No additional software required
  • Output of the measurement report as PDF directly at the measurement place
  • Data integration as *.xml including all spot velocities in Kisters Wiski, Software-Q
  • Maintenance-free
  • Possibility of mounting on winged rod (20 mm)

Self-sufficient measurement with solar and data transmission

The NIVUS solar solutions enable permanent measuring operation at measurement places where there is no power supply available.

Our system consists of a reliable solar panel, the measurement system and buffer batteries in a ready-made system. On request, our experienced service team will carry out the installation and commissioning. Due to the adjustable cycle operation, our NivuFlow measurement systems are perfectly suited for energy-autonomous operation. In conjunction with NIVUS Connectivity, the measurement data is transmitted securely and reliably via 4G mobile communication.


  • Self-sufficient measurement place operation independent of the mains supply
  • Automatic measurement data transmission
  • Ready-made solution
  • Maintenance work is reduced to a minimum

Consistent Communication Concept

NIVUS Connectivity is an end-to-end and consistently secure communication solution. It already includes the necessary infrastructure and the relevant components for reliable transmission of your measurement data via mobile networks.


  • Very easy and quiuck set-up
  • Support from NIVUS across the entire solution chain (sensor - data transmission - platform)
  • Use of the best mobile network on site
  • No roaming costs and no SIM management
  • Continuous IT security in accordance with DWA, DVGW and BSI standards
  • Increased process efficiency and system availability

Continuous Measuring with Ultrasonic Transit Time Method

NivuFlow 650 offers highly accurate continuous flow measurement with the ultrasonic transit time method in several levels in rivers and channels. The system is also suitable for measurement places without power supply.


  • Total flow measurement of part filled closed pipelines, open channels and rivers
  • Calculation of the flow profile in several levels with up to 32 measurement paths
  • No in situ calibration necessary
  • For channels and rivers up to a width of 100 m
  • Measurement of even very low flow velocities
  • Complies with ISO 6416, ISO 748
  • Backwater detection, bidirectional speed measurement
  • Crosswise arrangement of paths in case of existing cross flows
  • Energy-saving cycle operation for energy supply by rechargeable battery or photovoltaics
  • Optimal equipping of each measuring point due to different sensor shapes and sensor sizes
  • Installation very often possible without divers
  • Integrated NIVUS Connectivity

You can find more information about the NivuFlow 650 here.

Permanent and portable contactless measurements using Radar

Contactless continuous flow metering using surface radar provided by our NivuFlow 550 measurement system.

  • Measurement for a wide range of rivers and channels from a width of 30 cm
  • Connection of up to 9 flow velocity sensors for measuring very wide rivers or rivers with an inhomogeneous flow distribution
  • Very easy installation e.g. on bridges or cantilevers
  • Integrated hydraulic models for highly accurate measurement
  • Available as permanent and battery-operated portable version
  • Solar power supply possible due to low energy consumption
  • Integrated NIVUS Connectivity

You can find more information about the NivuFlow 550 here.

Permanent Measurement using ultrasonic Cross Correlation

NivuFlow 750 provides highly accurate continuous flow measurement. Due to the ultrasonic cross-correlation measuring principle, no sensor pairs need to be used.


  • Connection of up to 9 flow velocity sensors for the measurement of very wide rivers or in case of an inhomogeneous flow distribution
  • Recording of the flow velocity profile in up to 32 local flow velocities
  • Vertical and horizontal installation possible
  • Measurement from top to bottom possible using float
  • Measurements possible even with very high suspended solids content
  • Backwater detection
  • Integrated water level measurement
  • Energy-saving cycle operation for energy supply by rechargeable battery or photovoltaics
  • Integrated NIVUS Connectivity Benefits


You can find more information about the NivuFlow 750 here.

Water Level Measurements

In order to reliably measure the water level, we have the option of using various measurement technologies. In addition to contactless measurement methods with ultrasound or radar, we also offer hydrostatic probes. Existing water level measurements can also be easily integrated. Thus, we can offer the right measurement system for every measurement situation.

You can find more information on the NivuLink Radar product page.

Your Benefits at a Glance

Specialised Products

For the different measurement tasks and conditions, we provide the appropriate measurement technology as well as the optimal sensor shape and sensor installation. All measurement systems are suitable for mains voltage or battery operation.

Comprehensive Service

Our experts take care of the installation and commissioning of the measurement and transmission technology for you. We also offer:

  • Competent data analysis incl. plausibility verification
  • Extended service options
  • Calibrations
  • Maintenance
  • Complete measurement place operation as a service

Consistent System

The native consistency from the sensor to the control system is characterised by easy handling and high data security. Our open systems enable the integration of external measurement technology systems as well as the connection of our measurement technology to external measurement data portals or process control systems.

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